my beautiful life

an online diary.

Before you pass further to the posts, I would like to give you a short description why I prefer to call this part of my website online-diary and not blog. The reason for this is very simple. A frequent intention of most bloggers is mainly to offer some content to their visitors in order to catch their interest and to share common likes.

Sure, by uploading my posts here I of course also share my experiences with you. Nevertheless, this is not the main reason for doing this. I started to rebuild an entire new website actually not for you people there outside - but for me :).

By creating this section I want to substitute my usual diary, which is actually just a boring tiny notebook (also being treated as one) by a new enlighted version. I thought instead of scribbling every day the happenings that are important for me not to forget (in a way, how I surely will forget them), I simply start to do it from now on in connection to webdesign. By this I have the chance to pimp up the memories of my life highlights in a nice way. If you want to know, why I am writing diary in general, maybe you will find it out in the middle part of my homepage.

The following diary entries, on the one hand, will cover events from my past, which came to my mind for a special reason and also which I just remembered spontaneously. On the other hand I will also post very actual happenings - as a diary is supposed to do. I try to emphasise the posted story with a picture that was either made at the happening itself or which is simply just connected to the plot or my feeling about it.

Now have fun at reading the stories and try to see the thought behind them: Life is beautiful.

#001 | "omg, the battery is finishing" - uphill on the highway at night.

June 22th, 2008

Let's start with a quite thrilling post. At least thrilling for the three young students, who were involved in this unforgettable happening.

About 20 Chemistry B. Sc. students remember an awesome weekend holiday at Lake Garda in Italy a few years ago. There we were able to chill out for 4 days and to forget all of our stress from practical courses at the university. Yes... this was the purpose. In the end, three of us were just happy to survive this trip and fall into their Munich beds only with a big shock and an huge lack of sleep. How did it come?

T., H. and me left the camping site Sunday evening heading to cross the Alps at the Brenner Pass. On the highway, 10 km before arriving the top of the Alps, we were surprised by an immediate stop of the music. Suddenly we began to wonder why the battery warn signal was on. (Later I was informed that it was already on on the way to Italy ^^.) A few seconds later, the car front lamps started to blink - and switched off shortly afterwards. It was short after midnight, we were on the highway and still driving uphill. This was the time, when we started to panic. The fact, that the engine was slowing down additionally didn't make it better.

Finally we stopped the car and parked it at the right side of the highway. No lights, fast passing cars & trucks on the left and the last gas station a few kilometers backwards. So what did we do? We released the brakes, one man at the steering wheel, 2 men at the back of the car (1 left, 1 right) with one cheap blinking handy LED warning the speeding vehicles and giving commandos to our driver, where the highway ends and where the trucks are supposed to come.

Like this we went downhill, backwards for about 3 km - in let's say 1 hour. After this there was no adrenaline left any more. At the gas station we reloaded the battery for 2 hours. We needed to do this cause the charging machine in the car was broken. Btw, there were no mechanics or any other people, who could help us - of course: it was 3 am. The very nice and very old service man at the gas station helped us finally. I think at this time we informed our parents. After charging the empty battery, we drove home, trying to keep the engine running without break. It worked. We happily arrived at home at 7 am. Practical course started at 10 am. Puh. :) Thank you guys for this unbelievable memory!