This area is both a blog and also a diary. Here I will post stories of my "best" and "worst" days. Those happenings can either be recent or kind of historical :).

I started to recreate my homepage mainly to construct this third of the actual page. I'm writing this area "MY BEAUTIFUL LIFE" to remind me every day, how beautiful my life is. I'm doing this to stay thankful for my life and never forget how lucky I am.

Now, enjoy reading it.

This section of the website might be quite interesting and maybe also most annoying for you. Here I'm going to show up some philosphic aspects of my attitude towards life. Since lets say the the age of 16 I have been reading "a few" ;) books about life, destiny, love, god and the universe. :)

I selected those thoughts, which mostly fit to me and my way of living and put them together to a matching view.

In this third of the page I will provide you with some interesting attitudes to give you the chance to spike over the horizon. I will provide you with some literature and tips.

However I will also show up some nice stuff to make your daily life a bit nicer if you want to. So, stay curios!